How Can I Pay My Car Tax Online In Kerala?

What is green tax in Kerala?

According to the MVD light motor vehicles will be charged Rs 200 per year as green tax while medium sized motor vehicles will be charged Rs 300.

The charge for heavy motor vehicles is Rs 400 per year.

Non-Transport motor vehicles older than 15 years or more will have to pay Rs 400 as green tax for the next five years..

What is green car tax?

Green Tax is levied on older vehicles as an old engine is detrimental to the environment. Thus, the owner of the old vehicle has to pay Green Tax for polluting the environment. Such a tax is levied on both private and commercial vehicles. This varies from state to state.

How much is the road tax in Kerala?

Road Tax on Four-WheelersVehicleTax RateTourist motor cabs having purchase value up to Rs. 10 lakh6%Tourist motor cabs having a purchase value up to Rs. 15 lakh -20 lakh10%Tourist motor cabs having a purchase value above Rs. 20 lakh20%7 more rows•Nov 11, 2020

How can I pay vehicle tax online in Kerala?

Access MVD Kerala Step 1: The applicant needs to visit the home page of the Motor Vehicle Department of Kerala. From the main page, you need to click on ‘Vehicle’ option. Step 2: The link will redirect to the new page. Click on e-Tax – Online Tax Payment for make Kerala vehicle tax payment.

What is green tax India?

Green tax is an environmental tax that aims at ensuring that polluters are duly punished for the activities that deter the environment by charging them a direct taxes to perpetrators on emissions is an economical means to provide them with an incentive to lower their pollution to the extent where further reduction …

What is RTO tax India?

The road tax is a type of tax which is to be paid on every vehicles and automobile before it is being used on any public road. Road tax in India is imposed both by the State Government as well as the Central Government. At places, it is also imposed by the local bodies.