Quick Answer: How Do You Start A Test At UVM?

How does a sequence start in UVM?

Starting The Sequence: Logic to generate and send the sequence_item will be written inside the body() method of the sequence.

The handshake between the sequence, sequencer and driver to send the sequence_item is given below..

What is sequence item in UVM?

The sequence-item consist of data fields required for generating the stimulus.In order to generate the stimulus, the sequence items are randomized in sequences. Therefore data properties in sequence items should generally be declared as rand and can have constraints defined.

How do you start a sequence?

Beginning with the player to the left of the dealer and moving in a clockwise direction, each player selects a card of their choice from their hand and places it face up on a discard pile (players should start their own discard pile in front of them visible to all other players) and then places one of their marker …

What is config DB in UVM?

UVM Config db. The configuration database provides access to a centralized database, where type specific information can be stored and received. config_db can contain scalar objects, class handles, queues, lists, or even virtual interfaces.

What is Uvm_do?

`uvm_do is a macro for a sequence item to start on a sequencer.

Can we have a user defined phase in UVM?

Creation of user-defined phases in UVM is a possibility although it may hinder in complete re-usability of the testbench. There are chances for components to go out of sync and cause errors related to null pointer handles. But, in case you decide that you have to use one for your project, keep reading.

What are the benefits of using UVM?

Advantages:-Reusability,Scalability, Interoperability,Modularity all these terms one can achieve only through methodology and through UVM these things can be achieved best.More items…

How do you run a UVM test?

Tests can be run in a UVM environment by either specifying the testname as an argument to run_test() or as a command-line argument using +UVM_TESTNAME=”[test_name]” . This can be considered an entry point to how UVM starts each component, configures and runs a simulation.

What are UVM phases?

UVM Common PhasesUVM Common PhasesThe common phases are the set of function and task phases that all uvm_components execute together.uvm_check_phaseCheck for any unexpected conditions in the verification environment.uvm_report_phaseReport results of the test.uvm_final_phaseTie up loose ends.6 more rows

How do you run multiple test cases in UVM?

you need to write some (tcl) script to run the multiple test cases in regression. UVM will generate the coverage report per test case and at the end of all test cases, total coverage report needs to be generated based on the individual test coverage reports.

Why do we need phases in UVM?

The reason why UVM came up with such phases is because synchronization among all design-testbench was necessary. Using Verilog and VHDL, verification engineers did not have facilities such as clocking block or run phases. … That is the main reason why UVM has different phases.

What is Uvm_test_top?

“uvm_test_top” is the top-level instance name given to the test specified by run_test. … uvm_test_top is the handle of uvm_component. although uvm_component is a vuirtual class so it cannot be constructed.

What is default sequence in UVM?

In UVM, default sequences can be used to start a sequence. I can see many replies in this forum regarding default sequences say “It is not recommended to use default sequences in test”.

Why build phase is top down?

Interview Answer. All UVM phases are bottom-up except the build phase which is top down (because the parent components have to be constructed already when the child components are built).

How do I end my UVM test?

By the way to stop the simulation using UVM there is 1 meachanism. It is the objection mechanism. This is the default way to stop a simulation in the operational mode.

How does a virtual sequence work?

A virtual sequence is a container to start multiple sequences on different sequencers in the environment. This virtual sequence is usually executed by a virtual sequencer which has handles to real sequencers.

What is objection in UVM?

UVM provides an objection mechanism to allow hierarchical status communication among components which is helpful in deciding the end of test.

Can we use Set_config and Get_config in sequence?

Setting Sequence Members: set_config_* can be used only for the components not for the sequences. By using configuration you can change the variables inside components only not in sequences. … When using set_config_* , path to the variable should be sequencer name, as we are using the sequencer get_config_* method.

What is the difference between a sequence and sequence item?

1 Answer. A sequence generates a series of sequence_item’s and sends it to the driver via sequencer. … On the other hand, a sequence item is the basic transaction used by the driver to drive the interface.