Quick Answer: What Do You Say When Someone Coughs In English?

What is the bless you for coughing?

[9] In these cases, “God bless you” or “bless you” is used as a sort of shield against evil.

Apparently coughing opens no such window to the soul – merely to the lower respiratory tract.

If my colleague were so seized, I might offer a drink of water, a lozenge, or – in extremis – a call to Emergency Services..

What to say instead of bless you?

2 Answers. The most common alternative response that I’m aware of, especially in American English, is “Gesundheit!”. Gesundheit! is borrowed from German, and literally means “Health!”. Actually “Bless you!” (often uttered as “bleshoo”) can be considered as the secular (or neutral) version of “God bless you!”.

Is it illegal to say Gesundheit?

“During World War I it was made illegal to say Gesundheit, and that law has never been repealed.”

What atheist say when someone sneezes?

“I think some atheists are annoyed by the use of the word God in ‘God bless you. ‘ Atheists probably prefer gesundheit or some equivalent, which just means ‘good health,’ a principle the faithful and faithless alike can believe in,” Dr. Haque said.

What does Gesundheit mean?

In English-speaking countries, the common verbal response to another person’s sneeze is “bless you”, or, less commonly in the United States and Canada, “Gesundheit”, the German word for health (and the response to sneezing in German-speaking countries).

Why don’t we say anything when someone coughs?

I always thought that people said “God bless you” because your heart stops when you sneeze. The reason we don’t say, “God bless you” when you cough is because your heart doesn’t stop when you cough.

How do you tell someone to cover their mouth when they cough?

Simple ask them to use a tissue or something. Tell them you have a low immune system and your sick fairly often. There is probably no real way to tell someone to cover up when couching, without them being offended somewhat. Just ask them, “Would you be so kind as to cover you mouth when you cough?

Do you say excuse me after coughing?

Turn away from people when about to cough or sneeze. 2. Always cover your mouth when coughing or sneezing with a disposable tissue. … What to Say: the person sneezing may say, “Excuse me” after a sneeze, while someone who is near the sneezer may say “Bless you!”

Why do people say Gesundheit after someone sneezes?

Gesundheit was borrowed from German, where it literally means “health”; it was formed by a combination of gesund (“healthy”) and -heit (“-hood”). Wishing a person good health when they sneezed was traditionally believed to forestall the illness that a sneeze often portends.

Why do we say bless you after somebody sneezes?

Why do people say, “God bless you,” after someone sneezes? … One of the symptoms of the plague was coughing and sneezing, and it is believed that Pope Gregory I (Gregory the Great) suggested saying “God bless you” after a person sneezed in hopes that this prayer would protect them from an otherwise certain death.

Why do we say excuse me after burping?

Burping is normal. We burp to release excess air from the stomach. … That said, if you were mid-sentence when the burp came out or if your burp disrupted whatever else was happening, then it’s appropriate to say “excuse me” for the interruption or for causing a disturbance.

Is it true that your heart stops when you sneeze?

When you sneeze, the intrathoracic pressure in your body momentarily increases. This will decrease the blood flow back to the heart. The heart compensates for this by changing its regular heart beat momentarily to adjust. However, the electrical activity of the heart does not stop during the sneeze.

Why dont Jehovahs Witnesses say bless you?

Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t say “god bless you” when someone sneezes, because that practice supposedly has a pagan origin.