Quick Answer: What Is Outstanding In Accounts?

What’s the difference between excellent and outstanding?

outstanding is prominent or noticeable; standing out from others while excellent is of the highest quality; splendid.

And excellent used for the noble.

But both have the same meaning we can say so..

What is another word for outstanding performance?

What is another word for outstanding?excellentfineterrificwell-knownaceamazingcrackmasterfulmasterlymeritorious225 more rows

What is an outstanding?

adjective. prominent; conspicuous; striking: an outstanding example of courage. marked by superiority or distinction; excellent; distinguished: an outstanding student. continuing in existence; remaining unsettled, unpaid, etc.: outstanding debts. (of securities and the like) publicly issued and sold or in circulation.

What is meant by salary outstanding?

A: Outstanding salaries are salaries that are due and have not yet been paid. … The salaries themselves are an expense. But when salaries are outstanding, meaning they are owing, we also record a liability (debt) account called salaries payable.

Which type of account is outstanding wages?

Outstanding wages is classified as a personal account and not a nominal account. This account represents the accounts of all those persons to whom wages have not been paid and hence, are outstanding. Therefore, it is termed as “Representative Personal Account” or simply personal account.

How do you treat outstanding expenses?

An Outstanding Expense is an expense which is due but has not been paid. An expense becomes outstanding when the company has taken the benefit, but the related payment has not been made. Outstanding expenses appear within the Current Liability section of the Balance Sheet.

What’s another word for outstanding?

Some common synonyms of outstanding are conspicuous, noticeable, prominent, remarkable, salient, and striking.

What is the meaning of outstanding performance?

An outstanding performance of any kind will impress people, but there’s one meaning to outstanding that most of us would rather avoid: that which remains unpaid. Outstanding gift ideas can lead to outstanding debt. Your outstanding mood was ruined when you saw the size of your outstanding credit card balance.

How would you describe an outstanding person?

If you describe someone or something as outstanding, you think that they are very remarkable and impressive. Derartu is an outstanding athlete and deserved to win. Money that is outstanding has not yet been paid and is still owed to someone.

What is outstanding job?

1 superior; excellent; distinguished. 2 prominent, remarkable, or striking. 3 still in existence; unsettled, unpaid, or unresolved.

Which is real account?

A real account is an account that retains and rolls forward its ending balance at the end of the year. These amounts then become the beginning balances in the next period. The areas in the balance sheet in which real accounts are found are assets, liabilities, and equity.