What Documents Do You Need To Change Registered Owner Of Car In Spain?

How do I change ownership of a car in Spain?

It is possible to visit the traffic office in person or to employ a gestor to do so.

The seller should have notified the local Traffic Office (Jefatura de Tráfico) of sale or transfer.

Take a copy of the registration document and completed transfer of ownership form to the traffic department..

How much does it cost to change ownership of a car in Spain?

How Much Does It Cost To Transfer the Vehicle? The current fee of €54.60 (mopeds €27.30) will need to be paid by the buyer at the local traffic office (Jefatura de Tráfico) for the transfer of the vehicle. This is in addition to the 4% transfer tax that will need to be paid to the Hacienda tax office.

What documents do I need to sell a car in Spain?

How to Sell a Car in SpainResident Requirements. The buyer of a vehicle in Spain must hold an official residency card. … Official Documentation. Both parties should review the vehicle’s documents to make sure they are originals. … Contract to Sell a Car. … Acceptable Vehicle Payments. … Registration of the Car Sale. … Find Your Car.

Can a non resident own a car in Spain?

Information on how, as a foreigner in Spain, you can buy a new or used car. … A foreigner may buy a Spanish-registered car in Spain provided they have one of the following: an official residency card (Tarjeta de Residencia) or. proof that they are a Spanish home owner (by showing title deeds) or.

Who pays for transfer of registration?

To transfer the registration on a used vehicle in NSW, wherever you have purchased it from, the motor registry charges a transfer fee and stamp duty. If it is made on time. Within 14 days of acquiring the vehicle.

How much does it cost to change English plates to Spanish?

The process can cost from 300€ to 1500€ depending on the car, including ITV, documentation, duties, other fees and even customs (when you buy a new car and bring it to Spain).